All tie dye shirts are made to order. We ship out every Friday. No rush orders, please. Good things come to those who wait. :)


Way back in 2017, we started with 20 tie dye shirts and tried to sell them in a surf town. We spontaneously went there during our rest day from our full time job and chose to try our luck by the sea because we know that beach goers are mostly chill and laidback just like us. That’s when we realized that we chose the right crowd and our shirts got almost sold out on our subtle launch. The quantity might be small but we were so happy because people liked our craft. That’s also when we got motivated to create more.

Tie dye has been a form of self-expression during the woodstock era and we do what we do because we want to express ourselves through this art and it’s really priceless and rewarding when people appreciate our crafts. We want everyone to love the local art industry and be a walking gallery of our works.

On each and every release of our collection, we mindfully combine the best hues so everyone can appreciate it. We carefully make each shirt by small batches to make sure that we give the best quality on every release. We make sure that each piece is unique and no two shirts are the same.

We keep our merch affordable as much as we can so everyone can wear it because right from the start, we always think that it’s not always about the money. It’s always been about being able to express ourselves through what we create and wear everyday.

We envisioned of getting our products displayed on the shelves of different surf town stores way back. With all the love and passion that we put into our craft, our tie dye shirts are now being exhibited in famous local surf spots such as Siargao, Baler, La Union, Zambales, Sorsogon, and even Cebu. 

Eventually, different brands approached us and that was when we started supplying our shirts in bulk. We were able to build a team of tie dye artists and give different job opportunities in our community. That’s also why we are always beyond grateful because what started as a hobby unexpectedly turned into a small business.  

Also, we’ve always wanted to serve the art community and one of our missions is to exhibit traditional and digital works of independent local artists through the clothing that we create. We have already collaborated with local artists such as Pauly Falcutila, Yary Young, and Maren Lacanilao. 

This movement allows us to promote the local art industry which is often underrated and disregarded. We want to prove that you can definitely make a living with art, and that it can both be a passion and your job.